The lifestyle is what that matters these days. Human growth is progressive with respect to social well-being but is regressive when compared to physical and mental well-being of an individual. Lifestyle plays an important role in managing physical and mental health. Lifestyle leaves a major impact on gut health which is ultimately responsible for causing maximum diseases in the body. Deteriorated physical workout, sedentary lifestyle and irregular and unhealthy food habits often stress one’s gut health.  Red meat, massively oily and spicy food, food items rich in fat and devoid of fiber, gluten rich food, alcohol, processed grains like white bread, white pasta, etc contributes to gradually increasing cases of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), constipation, anorectal diseases like fistula, fissure, piles etc clinically. These diseases are not limited to any age, neither to any specific gender. Due to disturbed lifestyles, people of all ages and gender are equally prone to such gastrointestinal disorders.  These disorders are progressive. It is important to look into the symptoms much before on time so as not to allow these diseases to progress towards some chronic and difficult to treat the ailment. Once the symptoms are decoded, it is better to work for the better of the gut health before it’s too late. It is better to include the below mentioned practices in daily routine, even when not suffering with any such disease for the betterment of self.      Give up on the above mentioned food type that work to erode gut health.     Fibrous diet is the key to a good gut health. Fibrous diet mainly includes fresh green and leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, etc. Fibrous diet softens the stool and is easy to digest even when the digestive fire is not so ignite. It loosens the stool and thus not leading to pain while defecation in genital sphincters and nearby skin.     Adding yogurt to the diet. It naturally contains good bacteria that promote the process of digestion in the gut when ingested.     Almonds being rich in good fatty acids and having probiotic properties promote gut health effectively.     Garlic shows excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property thus inhibits the growth of bad bacteria in the gut.     Ginger stimulates the release of gastric enzymes that initiate and catalyze the process of effective and complete digestion of the food.     Keep the diet more a plant based than animal based.     Add sufficient amount of water in daily regime. Drink water according to the body requirements yet in appropriate amounts. It is advised to drink water in combined form like in the form of lemon water for its better absorption in the in the body.     Do not drink water immediately after meals.     Add some physical workout in regime for better digestion and excretion.     One may prefer probiotic supplements available in the market as per  It is advised not to suddenly make such changes in routine. Adapt these changes gradually under the guidance of a specialized physician in accordance with the bodily conditions.

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