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Herbal medicines are the most ancient form of health remedies known to humankind. Despite the great advances achieved in modern medicine, plants still make an important contribution to health care, and several specific herbal extracts have been demonstrated to be efficacious for specific conditions. Anoveda Healthcare has been established for all those patients who wants to get relieved of Ano rectal related issues through herbs and not laboratory chemicals. Anoveda Healthcare product catalogue has numerous range of herbal medicines like: + Piles care + Fissure care + Fistula care + Digestive care + Immune care + Wellness care + Hair care + Food care The medicines are in format of syrup, powder, tablets and granules.

Dr. Yashwant Pareek

CEO, Founder

What We Do

Pharmacy Store: Anoveda Healthcare is your one stop online store for all anorectal and other health related issues which can be cured in much better way through Ayurvedic medicines. Health Consultation: Dr Yashwant Pareek (Founder, Anoveda Healthcare) is an expert in Anorectal field and renowned Kshar Sutra surgeon. He can be visited physically in his clinic in Ajmer or can be consulted online.


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